Please call: 435.630.8474 for information regarding the American Legion, Price Post 3, veteran resources, whether local, state, federal non-VA and VA. Membership in any veteran service organization is not a requirement for obtaining assistance.

Price Post 3 meetings the first and third Thursday September – June. Doors open at 6pm, meetings begin at 7pm. Meetings occur at The American Legion Price Post 3 building located at 27 North First West Street, in the basement.

Membership: All veterans who’ve served at least one (1) day on active duty since December 7, 1941, in any of the US Armed Forces, Merchant Marines during WWII, or National Guard (at least one day on Title 10), are welcome to join The American Legion (with other than dishonorable discharge). Price Post 3’s membership dues are $35.00 annually, and the membership year begins July 1st.

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